Custom kitesurf lines


All the kitelines are custom made. The price of a custom made order depends on your specific wishes. The price exist out of the following variables: length, strength and the finish of the sleeving.

300kg - €0,90 per meter     
360kg - €1,00 per meter     
500kg - €1,10 per meter     
Dollar price depends on the exchange rate.

Finishing at the end of the kiteline
Splice: thinest finish that you can get for the least drag/resistance in the wind. Easy to walk your lines, but this finish doesn't protect your loop at the end of the line. (€3,00,- per splice)

Sleeved: The most common finish that you see in the kitescene. (€3,00,- per sleeve)

To prevent wear and tear on your sleeving, you can use pigtails which you connect to the end of the sleeving. You can choose between adjustable or sewn/knotted pigtails.
1. Adjustable pigtails: This allows you to adjust the pigtails to the finest millimeter to ensure that all your kitelines are the exact length.(€5,- pst. - $5,29)
2. Sewn/knotted pitails (€4,- pst. - $4,23 )

Besides the offered lines we can also supply all the other lines that you can find on a kite or bar. Please contact us for extra information.

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Custom made kitesurflines
Custom sleeved kitelines with pigtails
Custom kitesurf pigtails
Custom kitesurf lines pigtails
Custom kitesurf line extentions
Spliced custom kitesurf lines